Kirsty Pendleton

Following a previous career as a professional ballet and contemporary dancer, Kirsty qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist from University of London in 2003 and has a wide range of musculoskeletal experience in both the NHS and private practice. Through post-graduate training she has built a keen interest and skills in treating upper limb, wrist and hand conditions, including work-related disorders, alongside helping people with complex long-term pain and disability.

Kirsty applies a very holistic approach to the diagnosis and management of injury and pain, and is trained in a range of manual techniques, acupuncture and exercise therapy.

In 2006, Kirsty qualified as a Pilates Matwork Instructor with the APPI and integrates this into rehabilitation from injury, alongside the use of Qigong Tai Chi.

Here at Reab, Kirsty leads both Reformer and Matwork 'Return to Fitness' Pilates classes.  She has musculoskeletal physiotherapy appointments as well as combination Pilates and physiotherapy appointments.

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