Boosting Immunity with Reflexology

08 March 2020

Coughs, colds and viruses are a normal part of winter, and can be miserable if you are prone to winter illnesses. When your immune system is working properly you may avoid most, if not all of these winter illnesses.

Reflexology is a fantastic way of boosting your immune system as it helps the body to keep working as effectively as possible. Reflexology uses the pressure points on the feet and ankles, and enables the systems and organs of the body to get rid of any stagnation and to keep it in good health.

A recommended course of 6 or more sessions will energise, invigorate, and release stress in the body throughout the winter, Tracy Cornish recommends having the first 3 sessions every two weeks, and the second three sessions once a month as a maintenance course.  Having reflexology once a month will help to maintain a good immune system throughout the year.

Some of the symptoms of colds, coughs, flu and viruses include sore throat, sneezing, coughing, aching joints, and muscles, headaches and fever.

As an example for winter illness symptoms, the following points would be focused on:-

The throat, lungs, eyes, ears, sinuses, face, neck, adrenal glands, the lymphatic system, kidneys and bladder, head and brain.

These points would form part of the full Relexology treatment.

For if you have any questions, would like further information or to book an appointment please contact Tracy via reception at Reab.