Pilates for the Older Exerciser

24 May 2019

Exercise should be fun, efficient and effective.  Joseph Pilates believed you should not combine cardiovascular workout with strength and mobility training.  The system he developed is different from other exercise programs, and does not require you to huff, puff and sweat.  You will feel that you have been stretched; your muscles will feel they have been worked and expect a moderate increase in heart rate that results in a gentle glow but not the need to dash for the shower.

Because Pilates is low impact on the joints it is perfect for older exerciser.  It is designed to improve posture, stability and flexibility and increase strength for the entire body.  Adding Pilates to your sporting or training schedule will help prevent injuries, enhance fitness, improve balance, coordination and circulation, heightens body awareness and generally make you feel good at any age.  This is helpful at any age, so if you regularly play sport, workout or dance doing Pilates will also improve your dance or sporting performance.

It is important to learn Pilates from an experienced teacher who will assess your needs and create, or recommend, a program especially for you.  Here at our Haywards Heath studio, we have eight experienced teachers, including Pilates trained physiotherapists who will do this for you.  We work in a fully equipped studio where all the equipment is supplied.

If haven’t exercised in a while, Pilates is a safe way to start an exercise program.  We have Return to Fitness classes run by our Pilates trained physiotherapists to cater for those wary of starting exercise after a long break, surgery or illness. Pilates can help those with a variety of age-related ailments such as for arthritis sufferers, those with osteoporosis or spinal stenosis. It is a good way to rehab from surgical procedures such as hip replacement or knee surgery.

At Reab we have floor based Pilates classes, but also use raised mats for those prefer to be off the floor.  For those who prefer a more focused workout, on a raised platform, we would recommend you try the Reformer.  We offer classes and personal Pilates training for all abilities and experience using the Reformer and our other Pilates studio equipment. Using the equipment incorporates resistance training - an absolute essential aspect of exercise for those approaching and over 70.

Exercise is essential as we age, and we should be taking more exercise rather than less so find a regime that you enjoy, or at least gives you the best outcome. 

Contact our receptionists for further information 01444 473970, reception@reab.co.uk or book an initial assessment online www.reab.co.uk