Why choose Private Pilates tuition?

06 August 2018

Private studio tuition (1-1’s) will help you rapidly achieve outcomes that you may not have thought possible! 

You will exercise under the watchful eye of a certified Pilates teacher. Utilising the Pilates studio equipment - Reformer, Cadillac, wunda chair and the Ladder Barrel as well as smaller props, sessions are focused to your particular requirements.

Everybody can benefit from private tuition but it can be especially useful if you are:

  • new to Pilates and want to learn the basics quickly.

  • injured or have a medical condition that needs particular consideration or rehabilitation.

  • wanting to focus on a particular body area or a specific issue to improve dance or sporting performance.

  • pregnant - everybody responds differently to pregnancy and tailored sessions address individual requirements. 

1-1’s are also the perfect option for those who would like to benefit from Pilates but do not enjoy class settings.

Certified teachers are experienced in ensuring your body is aligned, your posture and movement patterns are correct and your body awareness is elevated.  These are all essential for good physical health, and will result in improving all your other activities including golf, horse riding, squash and tennis. You not only build strong lean muscles but improved flexibility that perhaps you have never known, resulting in free flowing movement – regardless of your age or fitness level.

Whether you are starting Pilates for the first time, or would like to take a course of 1-1’s, do give it a decent try.

There is a lot to take on when starting something new but as the benefits are worth it we recommend that you commit to 2-3 months – whether you do regular 1-1’s, classes or a combination.