Digital Pilates Classes and private lessons and Physiotherapy appointments are avaialble while our studio is temporarily closed.


Welcome to Reab on-line!

Our physiotherapists and Pilates teachers are offering virtual physiotherapy and Pilates appointments and matwork classes by video-link.  Click on the BOOK NOW button and view our class schedule where you can book and pay.

We will email you a link to join the class via the Zoom App, or arrange your preferred method for your initial physiotherapy consultation.

For any enquiries, please phone 01444 473970 or email

Our physiotherapists will be pleased to discuss your concerns relating to your on-going treatment or to recommend a comprehensive physiotherapy consultation if it is appropriate.


If an on-line consultation is agreed to be appropriate, it will be performed by one of our physiotherapists via video-link (Zoom, Skype) or by phone, depending on your preference.  It is a comprehensive and professional physiotherapy assessment, you will be given self-management advice and likely sent a home exercise/rehabilitation program - either by email or if appropriate, a video to help to resolve your injury or condition.  We may recommend follow-up appointments as required, to review your progress and update your exercise programme.


Sometimes it is just helpful to be given professional advice about what to do and not to do, especially in the acute stage.


If it is agreed that you would benefit from a comprehensive physiotherapy appointment an appointment would be booked, and the consultation will be charged at a special Virtual Consultation rate.

Most Health Insurance companies, such as BUPA, AXA and Aviva have agreed to cover the cost of remote physiotherapy consultations provided you have arranged pre-authorisation.


For those of you who have pre-paid Pilates class cards and Pilates lessons, they will remain valid for as long as it takes for you to use them, once we all return to business as normal.  They can be used when attending one of our virtual classes.

From all of us at Reab, wishing you all good health and look forward to seeing you all again when able.



Welcome to Reab

We are a group of highly qualified and experienced Physiotherapists, Pilates teachers and Massage Therapists, working together to provide a comprehensive service designed to enhance our clients physical health and wellbeing.  

Our clients are of all ages, abilities and experience.  PhysiotherapyMassage Therapy and Pilates services are available separately or in combination.

What we do

Physiotherapy at Reab, Haywards Heath


Our qualified Chartered Physiotherapists are experienced in specialised areas of physiotherapy, including...

Reformer Pilates Class


Reab has a dedicated Pilates studio offering Reformer, Matwork and studio based classes for up to 12 people and private tuition 1 to to 3 people.  It is fully equipped with not only super...

Massage therapist at Reab

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is the manual manipulation of the soft tissues of the body, including muscle, tendons, ligaments and connective tissue.

It can enhance a persons feeling of health and...

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Balance, fall prevention,

Otago Fall Prevention Programme

31 March 2020

Otago Fall Prevention Programme


As we age mobility, balance, coordination and flexibility are all affected.

The Otago plan is...

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Foot Refexology Immunity

Boosting Immunity with Reflexology

8 March 2020

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What our clients say

  • I suffered with a bad back and right hip for most of my working life. 8 years ago I started having a weekly 1-1 Pilates Reformer session and have never looked back. The improvement in my back and general strength/flexibility has been amazing. 3 years ago I also started weekly Pilates Matwork classes. Together the two disciplines have been amazing for the health of my back and general well-being. I have so much more confidence/flexibility in my back and have even been able to spend many painfree hours playing with my grandchildren. I would recommend Pilates at Reab to anyone who wants to improve their flexibility and well-being. I am 73 years “young" thanks to Pilates and Reab!

    Tony, Burgess Hill
  • The customer service is excellent - the class sizes are small, the staff are very professional and there are a number of classes to choose from making it very flexible.

    reab client
  • A beautiful setting and extremely friendly staff. The quality of teaching is very high – they really take the time to make sure we are doing it correctly. I have had Physio treatment too which was fantastic!

    reab client
  • The reab team are very friendly and welcoming; the premises are clean and sharp and the fact there is physiotherapy on site to support the Pilates tuition is great!  They really create a sense of belonging, a sense of community.

    reab client
  • I would thoroughly recommend therapeutic massage at reab. Having had 4 operations in the last 4 years, my treatments were mainly manipulation given by Osteopaths, which relieved the problem at the time, but didn't give any ongoing relief. I found that just one treatment from the therapist at reab released all the knots and tightness which had built up. The therapist tailored the treatment to my personal needs and I left feeling relaxed and with a very good sense of well-being.

    reab client