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We are a group of highly qualified and experienced Physiotherapists, Pilates teachers and Massage Therapists, working together to provide a comprehensive service designed to enhance our clients physical health and wellbeing.  

Our clients are of all ages, abilities and experience.  PhysiotherapyMassage Therapy and Pilates services are available separately or in combination.

What we do

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Our qualified Chartered Physiotherapists are experienced in specialised areas of physiotherapy, including...


Our dedicated Pilates studio is equipped with mats and smaller Pilates apparatus such as balls, weights, rollers and circles and includes the large Pilates studio equipment such as the reformer,...

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is the manual manipulation of the soft tissues of the body, including muscle, tendons, ligaments and connective tissue.

It can enhance a persons feeling of health and...

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Ligaments and Tendons

31 August 2018

Ligaments and Tendons are two types of connective tissue that contribute to the way we move.  Their functions, although complimentary, differ from each other can cause long term problems if not...

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14 August 2018

Reflexology is a natural Holistic therapy, practised on the feet and hands (there are over 7,000 nerve endings in the foot). It is a complementary therapy to orthodox medicine that helps return...

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Private Pilates Tuition at reab

Why choose Private Pilates tuition?

6 August 2018

Private studio tuition (1-1’s) will help you rapidly achieve outcomes that you may not have thought possible! Find out if private tuition is right for you...

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What our clients say

  • The customer service is excellent - the class sizes are small, the staff are very professional and there are a number of classes to choose from making it very flexible.

    reab client
  • A beautiful setting and extremely friendly staff. The quality of teaching is very high – they really take the time to make sure we are doing it correctly. I have had Physio treatment too which was fantastic!

    reab client
  • The reab team are very friendly and welcoming; the premises are clean and sharp and the fact there is physiotherapy on site to support the Pilates tuition is great!  They really create a sense of belonging, a sense of community.

    reab client
  • I would thoroughly recommend therapeutic massage at reab. Having had 4 operations in the last 4 years, my treatments were mainly manipulation given by Osteopaths, which relieved the problem at the time, but didn't give any ongoing relief. I found that just one treatment from the therapist at reab released all the knots and tightness which had built up. The therapist tailored the treatment to my personal needs and I left feeling relaxed and with a very good sense of well-being.

    reab client
  • Having suffered with a lower back issue for more than 20 years, I was referred to Christine at reab by my GP. Her physio skills and Pilates training have significantly improved what was a chronic condition. I no longer suffer with any pain and I can go about my life normally with no fear of upsetting my back. I have referred several friends to reab and every one of them has agreed she has made a massive difference to their condition. I am a great advocate of Pilates for anyone suffering back issues, if you haven’t tried it, you need to. You'll be amazed the difference it makes!

    Geoff, Haywards Heath